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Safety Window Film to Protect Your Investments

When it comes to securing a home or business, safety window film can be installed to provide an extra layer of protection against any number of potential outside threats. This added line of defense can help keep your mind at ease while keeping just about anything out – from Mother Nature to armed intruders. LLumar safety and security window film is the industry standard when it comes to locking down your space, minimizing damage and keeping unwanted visitors out.

The following is a compilation of reasons to consider security film for your office or home.

Safety and Anti-Theft Window Film

There’s no way to pinpoint exactly when a burglary is about to take place. However, there is a way to keep yourself guarded at all times. Anti-theft film pairs great with a solid security defense system to keep unwanted visitors on the outside of your parameters. The protective layer may not always keep determined robbers off your property, but it may slow them down, deter them and leave tUse Protective Safety Window Film to Protect Your Windowshem walking away empty-handed. Suppose the adamant intruder successfully breaks the window. Safety window film will not shatter, but it will collect the broken glass into a confined area, creating a new, unaccounted for hindrance.

Violent Weather Protection

Like break-ins, hazardous weather is something that can’t be predicted with absolute precision, but can be prepared for well in advance. While Central Ohio residents do not have to worry about tsunamis or volcanoes, they do have to defend themselves against dangerously high winds and conduct regular tornado protection procedures. Winds in the Columbus area can reach and exceed 60 miles per hour, causing power outages and massive damages to buildings and windows. With the addition of LLumar security film, your office or home can have another layer of defense against wind, hail and whatever else the good outdoors can throw at you.

Energy Conservation and Sustainability

As the warmer seasons begin to roll around, utility costs and sustainability are on the minds of business managers and homeowners everywhere. A window that lacks protective film or tinting can become a nightmare for central air cooling systems – from increasing monthly bills to overall wear and tear. While natural light is wonderful, the reflecting heat can become quite uncomfortable to your workers – even when it’s negative degrees outside. LLumar security window film decreases unwanted heat, cuts down electric bills and can even help prevent skin cancer. This added realm of defense can also tip off our avian friends, successfully minimizing the amount of birds dive bombing into your windows.

SolarTex is a proud carrier of LLumar security window film. Contact us for more information or to order yours today!