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This is the Summer of Solar Window Film

Using Sun Control Window Film to Cut Energy CostsSummer is almost here and, while the sunshine and warm weather are an uplifting change from the bitter cold and gray of winter, the season brings along a host of new issues for home and business owners alike. Whether you’re sitting in the office or hanging out in the living room, you’ve probably noticed the beating sun coming through the window. The natural light is nice, but the temperature can get quite uncomfortable. With the addition of solar window film, you can cut down on excessive heat and glare, all while keeping some glow of summer days in.

Cut Energy Costs with LLumar Solar Control Window Film

When solar window film is seamlessly applied to your glass, you may see some decreases in your monthly energy bill. Our films can save your HVAC systems from having to work extra hours by keeping upwards of 80% of the sun’s heat outside. This investment not only helps with month-to-month costs, but also cuts down on long-term wear and tear of residential and business cooling systems. LLumar solar control window films will promote a consistent temperature throughout an area. So if there are windows near the thermostat, the device won’t be triggered to start up unless the entire room is that same temperature.

A Barrier for Combating Fading Fabrics and Promoting Privacy

Solar window films also act as an additional line of defense against a number of different factors including the fading of color on furniture. Keep your fabrics bright and surface temperatures mild by installing these films. Harmful ultraviolet rays are also blocked out with the use of this product. We boast that our window films can keep out about 99% of these UV rays, keeping those inside safe from natural harm. And if this wasn’t enough to get you to opt for solar window films, it’s worth noting the added privacy that you may receive depending on film selection. They keep a comfortable amount of light inside while increasing your sense of security inside the office or your home.

For more information about getting your own solar window film installation, feel free to contact us and we’ll answer all of your questions!