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Don’t new windows come with solar protection built in?

Great advances have been made with Low-E windows; however, these only block a portion of damaging UV rays and help keep heat in during the winter months.

What advantages do decorative films have over-etched or sandblasted glass?

Decorative films, while similar in appearance, offer many advantages over traditional etched or sandblasted glass. For starters, films are generally significantly less expensive than traditional glass altering treatments. They are also stronger, more durable, easier to clean, highly customizable and removable. In many cases, decorative films are now specified by architects over traditional acid etching or sandblasting techniques.

Can decorative window film be cut into shapes, patterns or text?

Yes; many of these films are designed with just that in mind and can be cut into any shape. Therefore, decorative films are useful for branding, mission statements, motivational signage or any imaginative shape and pattern design.

Can decorative films be printed on and then applied to the glass or wall?

Many types of decorative window film can be printed on, adding almost endless possibilities for your design, storefront or other settings. Certain films also act as one-way viewing films, allowing people inside to see out while appearing as an image to the outside.

Are there different styles of decorative window film?

There are over 50 types of stock decorative window films to choose from! Coupled with the ability to customize these films, the design opportunities are virtually limitless. Many colored and/or textured films are available as well.

Can I remove these films once they are applied?

Should the needs of the space change, these films can be removed, returning the area back into its original appearance without damaging the glass.

Typical applications include:

Conference rooms, sidelites, private offices, verandas, walls, mirrors, restrooms, changing rooms and virtually anywhere privacy or a stimulating visual is desired