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Frosted Glass Window Film

Frosted window film is a tactful way of providing privacy for your home or business, while still retaining that warm and welcoming feel!

Frosted Glass Film Columbus Ohio

Etched glass is a seemingly high-end commodity and, by applying these frosted glass films to your windows, you can get that luxurious look for a fraction of the cost. These adhesive-free vinyl films are available in any shape and size to fit your windows and fulfill your needs. SolarTex Inc. is your trusted provider of all forms of decorative glass film.

Security and Luxury

When you opt for frosted window film, you get both style points and a piece of mind. This product provides another layer of privacy to your property but in a top-tier manner. This additional line of defense keeps your business within the confines of your personal space without completely excluding yourself from the outside world. SolarTex makes it simple to tactfully secure your business through the use of frosted glass. Etched glass film also gives new comforts to the home. After a seamless installation, this film helps cut down the immense glare and reflective heat that comes through windows on sunny days. And in a worst-case scenario, during a break-in, this product will contain all broken glass and act as a new form of protection against a potential burglary.

A Lasting First Impression

From first glance, one can see the great aesthetic appeal of etched-look vinyl. When a potential client comes to the office for an initial visit, they will leave with an impressive first impression. This decorative window film casts a luxurious look on any glass window front or showcase. And while this product isn’t “temporary,” it can be removed without a trace, if ever necessary.