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Residential Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films are used in residential settings to increase privacy and help hold glass together in case of an accident or attempted break-in. Available in different styles and textures, we’re sure to have the right film to meet your specific needs.


Increase Privacy Beautifully

Decorative window films are a perfect solution for interior or exterior applications where increased privacy is desired while retaining the flow of natural light into the space. They offer an exotic look that can be custom cut, supplying endless design ideas to fit your exact specifications. These films and vinyl come in a variety of shades, colors, and styles. You can be certain we will find the right balance of privacy and openness to suit your needs.

Popular application areas include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Sidelights
  • 2nd story windows
  • Dormer windows
  • Basement windows
  • Doors

If the needs of the space change, these films can be removed and replaced. Extremely practical & cost-effective at a fraction of the cost of acid-etched and sand-blasted glass.


Hold Glass Together in Case of Breakage

Decorative window films help keep glass in place in the event of an accident or attempted break­-in. Should the glass break, the adhesive helps hold the glass together, and in place within the window. The film serves as an additional barrier against injury or crime.