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Commercial Safety & Security Film

Safety Window Films are designed to keep broken glass together, offering increased protection from breaking and entering crimes and safety from a variety of events such as bomb blasts, severe weather & accidents.


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Don’t Give Crime The Time

LLumar Commercial Security and Safety and Window Films are specifically designed to deter crime. By holding broken glass in place, these window films negate the quick access that nefarious criminals need to enter your business and exit with your company’s valuables. The films can also slow criminals down so much that they may decide “hey, this isn’t worth my time” and flee the scene in search of an easier barrier to break.

Safety, Security & The Sun

LLumar Safety and Security Window Films do much more than added an extra layer of defense to your building – they can also be installed to block out unwanted heat from the sun, reduce annoying glare and minimize fading. In fact, these films can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which are the single largest cause of interior fading. The result? Decreased fading, eye fatigue and lower energy bills – and maximized comfort!

Keeping Glass In Place to Avoid Injury

Vandalism and crime aren’t the only incidents that cause windows to shatter. Complete accidents and severe weather can also be culprits that create a few headaches and a room full of broken glass. LLumar’s Safety and Security Window Films work to hold broken glass in place in the event of a break, successfully keeping everyone safe from falling and flying shards of glass.

The advanced structural silicone adhesive that makes up the LLumar’s Window Film System aggressively bonds film and glass to the window frame, making cleanup significantly easier.

Preparing for the Unpredictable

No one ever really expects a bomb blast to occur, however having a mechanism in place to mitigate harm can help put your anxieties to rest. LLumar Safety and Security Films are designed to protect the occupants of a room from unprotected glass and flying glass shards.

Violent Weather Protection

In the event of a tornado, earthquake, hurricane or even just a heavy storm with high winds, glass can quickly become your worst enemy. During such natural disasters, LLumar Safety and Security Window Films can keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, prevent wind and rain from getting inside. Installing commercial safety glass film to your building can prevent severe injury and reduced damage to your property.