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What are safety glass films?

Safety glass films fall into one of two categories:

  1. Safety & security films are designed to strengthen glass in the event of an attempted smash & grab crime, accident, violent weather or terrorist act by holding broken glass together & in place.
  2. Anti-graffiti film can be installed on glass and other surfaces and take the brunt of damage caused by vandalism. After the attack, the film can be removed and replaced,

Will safety and security films keep glass from breaking?

No, safety and security window film will not keep glass from breaking. Instead, it is designed to hold the broken glass together, and in place, providing safety from flying glass or deterring the would-be criminal.

Are safety & security films bulletproof?

While not designed or tested on it’s efficacy at stopping bullets, these films may offer some protection at stopping , or at least deflecting the path of a fired object.

Will safety films allow my glass to pass code for tempering?

Many of the safety and security films we offer are recognized by code inspectors as qualifying as tempered glass if installed by our team of technicians. We can provide application decals on the glass as well as product specification sheets that indicate as such.

What are “frame attachment systems” for safety & security films?

Some safety & security film specifications now require the installation of a frame attachment system. This system serves as a bond between the glass and the frame and increases the strength of the system against the entire window being pushed in or dislodged. Most government buildings are now requiring this technology in addition to the film.

How do anti-graffiti films work?

Anti-graffiti films serve as a barrier between the actual glass or other surface and a vandal seeking to inflict graffiti damage. When installed on glass, a mirror or other flat surface, the film absorbs the damage and can be removed and replaced, sparing the expense and hastle of glass replacement.