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Commercial Window Tinting

Window film and commercial window tinting increases energy efficiency and can save you money by reducing energy costs. Also cut down on harsh glare, eliminate damaging Ultra-Violet light and strengthen your glass against potential break-ins.

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An Energy Efficient & Comfortable Environment

If you have a lot of glass in your building, you’ve got a number of reasons to look into the HVAC benefits of sun control window tint. The use of commercial window film gives your windows added insulating value to help increase interior comfort and employee productivity while reducing building energy costs.

High performance film rejects up to 79% of the heat that would otherwise come through the window. That can translate into a savings of about one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to sunlight.
Films also help maintain a more consistent temperature inside, eliminating hot and cold spots.
Additionally, applying window tint to your building will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate environmental leadership and can help earn your building LEED credits toward becoming a green facility.

Block Out Annoying Glare

  • Provides an enhanced view of the outside by reducing harsh glare
  • Reduces glare, making it easier to view the screens of your television or computer
  • Can provide daytime privacy even when leaving blinds and shutters open

LLumar window films have the ability to block up to 90% of the glare that would otherwise enter your building.

Reduce Heat

LLumar window tint can make your building more comfortable for your tenants and guests, and at the same time reduce the cost and amount of energy being used.

  • No need to hide behind heavy blinds and draperies, allowing you to experience the benefits of natural light
  • Stop up to 76% of the sun’s heat right at the window – before it enters the room
  • Maintain a more consistent building temperature by eliminating hot & cold spots

Additionally, you can be instrumental in helping your building earn LEED credit towards becoming a green facility.

High Performance With Curb Appeal

Along with a number of benefits to the occupants inside your building, when viewed from the outside, window films can give your building a clean, uniform and contemporary appearance.

  • Tinted and metallic window tint can disguise the clutter and disorder of non-uniform blinds
  • Hides personal and business items placed on window ledges that are seen from the outside
  • Gives your building a sleek, attractive look to prospective tenants

Increase Safety

Glass is the weakest link in your building against crime, extreme weather and accidents. Applying LLumar window film helps strengthen glass against these elements, increasing peace of mind for you and your tenants.

  • Reduces dangers of flying and broken glass caused by accidents
  • An effective deterrent against crime by holding the glass together in an attempted break in
  • Clear safety & security films offer almost complete UV protection

Visit our Safety & Security page to learn more.

UV Protection

LLumar window tinting can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays – the number one cause of fading – so your furnishings, surfaces and artwork will have a longer life. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, UV rays damage materials and surfaces exposed to natural light.

Examples include:

  • Light colored wood darkens while dark wood is bleached
  • Window coverings discolor & decay
  • Fabrics discolor & fall apart
  • Artwork & decor fade and lose their luster

Up to 99.9% UV reduction can be achieved with lightly tinted and even clear films! In addition, LLumar window films help reduce glare and solar heat gain, other key contributors to fading.