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Residential Window Tinting

As much as you cherish the views and natural light, you’re also aware that sunlight creates excessive heat, fades valuable furnishings, and contains harmful UV rays. Residential window tinting films allow you to let the light in and keep the heat and damage out.

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Reduce Fading

LLumar window tinting can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays – the number one cause of fading – so your furnishings, surfaces and artwork will have a longer life. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, UV rays damage materials and surfaces exposed to natural light.

Examples Include:

  • Light colored wood darkens while dark wood is bleached
  • Window coverings discolor & decay
  • Fabrics discolor & fall apart
  • Artwork & decor fade and lose their luster

Lowers Energy Costs

If your home has a lot of windows, you’ve got a number of reasons to look into the energy saving benefits of window tinting.

  • Keeps your home a more consistent temperature, reducing hot & cold spots that keep your HVAC system working overtime
  • Blocks up to 76% of solar heat before it enters your home
  • Saves you money on utility costs
  • As energy costs continue to rise, protect yourself by adding LLumar window films to your homes portfolio of energy conscious products